The True Importance and Benefits of Email Marketing

The True Importance and Benefits of Email Marketing

With more people accessing emails through their mobile devices, businesses are working to tap into the benefits of these markets.

Small business owners and internet marketers are becoming more aware of the importance of email marketing in improving the interaction of their customers and target market with their products.

With the growing significance of email marketing to the success of many businesses, the technologies supporting email marketing have also grown.

Automation of email using autoresponders has also made it easier to manage communications between businesses and their customers and will reap more of the benefits of email marketing.

Importance of email marketing

Why is email marketing important? Why are more businesses and marketers using email as their marketing strategy?

Email marketing provides businesses with a more direct and personalized way of reaching their customers.

Email is a personal communication tool. About 61% of email users check to send and receive emails on a daily basis. With such statistics, this means your business has a better platform for interacting with your customers.

In email marketing, you get to build your list. Your mailing list is one thing no one can take away from you. Unlike social media accounts that can get deleted or suspended, you have complete control over your email list.

Email marketing is flexible and adaptable.

Email marketing adapts to changing technology easily. Changes in social media trends tend to disrupt existing marketing strategies. These changes make it harder to adjust.

However, in email marketing, it is easier to adapt. Changing technologies cannot interfere with your mailing list; all you need is to re-formulate your content to meet changing customer requirements. Email marketing can also be adapted to fit various user groups.

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing offers businesses any benefits. From being a cheap and cost-effective marketing tool, email lets you reach a wider audience, measure the results of your marketing strategies and test different approaches to see which works better.

It is possible to automate emails

Email service providers provide email marketers with email automation software. Such software can:

1. Send welcome messages to your subscribers.

Welcome emails area great tool to create a lasting first impression with your customers. You can use welcome emails to boost your click-through rates, improve conversion and generate income.

2. Follow up emails


These emails provide useful information to potential customers. When well crafted, they are effective in guiding potential customers through the sales process, which increases the chance of making a sale.

3. Shopping cart recovery emails

These are sent to notify potential customers of carts they have abandoned. Through these messages, businesses can reduce the amount of revenue lost through abandoned carts. Besides, some of these judges are likely to translate into sales.

4. Transactional Emails

They are sent after a customer places an order, or when one subscribes for a newsletter. These are some of the most opened email messages generating a click-through rate of about 10%, as the customers are still actively engaged with your brand.

5. To improve the results from transactional emails,

Follow up as soon as possible, use a recognizable sender name and maintain consistency with your brand’s image.

6. Feedback request messages

These are messages sent after a customer purchases a product to request for a review. These reviews increase the credibility of your brand and products as well as improving the chances of a purchase.

7. Invitation emails encourage attendance to events the business is involved in.

Your autoresponder sends invitations, date and time reminders, and registration requests and follow-up emails after the event.

Cost-effectiveness and profitability

Email marketing is by far the cheapest digital marketing strategy currently available to businesses and marketers. With various email service providers, you can send mass emails to large audiences at almost no cost per message.

Once you establish a mailing list, all you need is content to keep your customers engaged.

Aweber, a top email marketing tool, for example, provides businesses with an affordable marketing tool. You can send limitless emails to up to 500 subscribers at the cost of $19 per month. With more subscribers, you can select a plan that covers the number of subscribers. In comparison, advertising on Facebook costs you about $58 for every 100 clicks, quite expensive, right?

The return on investment is also high. Email marketing has a 400% ROI rate. This ROI means that you make 40 dollars for each dollar you invest. Email marketing produces better results when done correctly. When your content intrigues your audience and encourages them to take action, your conversion rates improve, and you make more earnings.

To improve your ROI in email marketing, you need to create targeted content. To achieve these, you need to understand the interests and needs of your audience, their requirements, and problems and provide a solution for them.

Next, segment your users depending on their characteristics. Segmenting your subscribers helps you send more targeted content to your audience. Focused and relevant content reduces the chances of your subscribers unsubscribing since they get relevant content.

User segmentation allows you to conduct split-test marketing to help you improve your email marketing campaign.

Use catchy subject lines and address your subscribers directly by using their names. Create engaging content that grabs and holds the attention of your subscribers and encourages them to take action.

Ensure that your content is readable by using short paragraphs, bullet points, and images. Do not forget to add a personal touch and a call-to-action in your emails.

Email has a higher delivery rate

The delivery rate for email messages is 90%, which means that more people are likely to see your messages and some will take action. As compared to 2% of Facebook views, email marketing is an effective marketing tool, as our messages have a 45% chance of being seen.

Since your email list has permitted you to send them messages, it means that they want these messages sent to them, which increases the number of emails opened and the conversion rates.

Email is the most preferred communication medium

More than 60% of internet users prefer receiving marketing information through email. This preference means that email is a ready market waiting to be exploited. Email provides businesses with a chance to interact with their customers real-time.

You can send messages using autoresponders linked to your website. Real-time communication improves connectedness with your customers and the possibilities of more sales.

More people are using mobile devices to engage with their favorite brands. To capitalize on this, you need to optimize your email messages to be readable to these users.

Email marketing is measurable

Email service providers such provide analytics tools to measure the conversion rates of the various marketing tactics you are using. The analytical tools give you information about:

The number of emails opened and the time they are opened

The click-through rates which shows the number of times subscribers click on links in the email

Deliverability of your emails, which is the number of emails that get to your subscribers.

To increase deliverability, keep your email list fresh by removing inactive subscribers, avoiding spam, providing an unsubscribe option and avoid deceptive subject titles.

Traffic- analytic tools provide you with information on the traffic generated to your website through email.

To increase website traffic from your email, use a clear call to action, include links in your email, create valuable content and send consistent emails.

Sales- sales refer to how much revenue email marketing generates for you. To increase sales from emails, create content that adds value to your users and sends targeted emails to generate more results.

The number of unsubscribes

while it is a sad moment to see your subscribers go, it provides you with a chance to collect valuable feedback.

You get to know why your subscribers are leaving and provide them with an opportunity to update their preferences and remain in your email list.

By measuring the performance of your marketing strategies, you can identify the weaknesses of your marketing strategy. With these tools, you can continuously improve your marketing plan.

Email marketing saves time and effort

Email marketing saves business owners and marketers, time and effort they would have spent creating campaigns through direct mail and telesales commercials.

Email marketers have access to pre-designed templates which require filling in details and sending to multiple recipients. Therefore, businesses can complete tasks faster leaving time for handling other activities. Also, you can schedule emails through autoresponders.

Email marketing is easier to test and optimize

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing allows you to test and optimize your emails and improve your performance. With email marketing, you can test the effectiveness of various marketing strategies.

These include:

Subject lines

Subject lines are the bait that draws your subscribers to open your emails. To create subject lines that convert, use trending keywords in your industry, catchy phrases, personalization, and subject line length.


A pre-header is the text that comes immediately after the subject line. In the pre-header, you can include a summary of the message, a call to action and personalized information.


Headlines play an essential role in encouraging your subscribers to read your emails. Powerful headings should trigger the curiosity of your readers. Test various elements of headings and combine those that work.



Back up your powerful headings with a compelling, readable and informative copy. Provide information that provides value to your customers. Play with different lengths, tones, and style and use those that produce the best results.

Design elements

Design elements include the use of visual aids, colors, and fonts. Ensure that the design is consistent with your brand image and website.


Personalize email messages to test their conversion rates.

Send frequency

Test different sending frequencies and determine that which your audience prefers. In this case, you can ask subscribers to select the frequency with which they would like to receive your emails. Send enough, so you are consistent without being annoying.

Call to action

A call to action prompts your subscribers to take a particular action. Make sure your calls to action are compelling enough to trigger responses. Use command words, provide a reason for taking action and create urgency in your message. Additionally, you can use larger, visible fonts, images, and buttons to increase click-through.

The best email marketing service providers

There are several email marketing service providers to help you with your email marketing campaign.

They provide a variety of features and services at various prices. When choosing the best email marketing service provider, make sure it is easy to use and has automation tools. Ensure that the provider you pick has various pricing options.

Email automation tools are great in email list building, improving customer engagement, increasing conversion and purchase rates, metrics for performance analysis and maintaining brand consistency.

Some of the top-rated email marketing service providers include:



Aweber is a great tool that for small businesses. It offers tools for lead generation and email list building. Some of Aweber’s features include automation, mobile-optimized sign-up forms, analytics, list segmentation, templates and image hosting. They have various plans for you to choose from depending on the size of your email list.


MailChimp offers various features that are helpful in building your email campaign. They include automation, optimization, and allows you to create your unique campaigns and connect your favorite tools to the MailChimp. Their prices are affordable.


iContact is a marketing tool suitable for small to medium businesses and marketers. Some of its features include automation and email list building.

Other providers include:

Constant Contact





Final word

Email marketing is here to stay; it is a trend that has developed gradually, yet its importance keeps growing. Small businesses and marketers have to embrace the role email marketing plays in lead generation and sales.

Email is one of the best ways you can directly get the attention of your customers; make the most of it.


Keep monitoring the progress of your email marketing campaigns and incorporate the lessons you learn as you go.

Get your marketing game out there, acquire the right marketing tools and create a game-changing campaign for your brand.