DreamHost Domain Hosting Review

DreamHost Domain Hosting Review

DreamHost is one of those web hosting companies that can be said to have been there for quite some time. It was founded in 1997.

One of the most surprising clauses when contracting with them is that they guarantee a 100% uptime. In case your services fail, for every hour that you are without your web available, you will be deducted one full day of hosting payment.

Overview of Dreamhost.com

Dreamhost.com servers are located in Los Angeles. Dream host is not only a host but also a domain name registrar. The servers run on Debian GNU / Linux operating systems, a panel of their own design, like many users. In addition to its main function, it provides an opportunity to use support services and control your balance.

Technical support for dreamhost.com is implemented in the form of a chat and in the form of e-mail. There are a private Wikipedia and a forum where you can find answers to many questions.

Since 2006, a lifetime file storage function has been provided. Once you have paid for their download, you can no longer worry about saving them, and Dream-host will allow you to distribute them in a convenient way for the client. PCMag’s “Editors’ Choice” Winner 4 Years In a Row

Dreamhost.com is engaged in charity, offering free hosting for non-profit organizations of America.


What attracts this hosting provider to their customers?

It provides virtual hosting service, dedicated virtual servers, physical servers, colocation, domain name registration.


Virtual hosting: unlimited disk space + 50 GB for backup storage, unlimited number of sites and domains, databases, mail accounts, unlimited traffic.

Free 1 domain. For an additional fee, domain registration is performed, premium class support, additional IP-addresses, VPS is possible. The fare is 8.95 US dollars per month.

VPS is offered on individual pricing terms. There may be several VPS on the same account, individual settings on demand.

Dedicated servers from $ 69 per month, 250 GB, 2 GB of RAM, unlimited traffic, unlimited flexibility of server settings at the request of the client.

Customer service

The customer service is quite good.

Talking to some people who use their services, some tell us wonders of customer service (especially when it comes to migrating or when you really need help).

If you are used to working with other hosting providers, what will most appeal to you is your control panel, since it is not the typical cPanel. It is not that it is difficult to use, but it is always preferable to continue with what one is used to and know how it works. If you are a novice, possibly your panel will be easier to use than the 2 mentioned, so it may be interesting for you.

Something very important to keep in mind is that they have a trial period of the longest I’ve ever seen (but the most) since you have 97 days in which you can recover your money without giving explanations, as long as you have hired a shared plan and you have paid by card.


Payment is accepted through credit cards, Google Checkout, and PayPal. The system provides all first-time customers on this hosting a guarantee of a full refund within 97 days, guaranteeing the absence of hidden fees.

dreamhostFor shared hosting (which is what the vast majority will come looking for) it only has a rate that will change depending on the period you pay at a stroke. If you want to pay month by month, the price is 10.95$/month, if you pay one year at a stroke it drops to 9.95$ and if you pay 2 years at a stroke it stays at 8.95$.

The price includes a domain name (.com, .net, .org or .info), its corresponding private whois and the hosting configuration. You can host as many websites as you want and as much bandwidth as the storage space are unlimited (understanding that this does not mean infinite, how it happens with all).

Still, you might think it’s a bit expensive (which it is not), and that’s why we have worked a good discount that will leave the price at almost nothing (keep going down to find it).

The DreamPress2 rate is already a good choice, capable of supporting up to 2.1 million visitors a month, which is not bad at all, especially if we see the price. These are private and managed virtual servers, which is usually worth much more than $19.95 a month. The normal price is $24.95 although the offer has been online for quite some time. This means that space is exclusive for you, that you don’t share it with other people’s websites. Needless to say, you can put as many sites there as you want.

They sell it thinking that you will use WordPress as a CMS.

Normally people interested in this type of accommodation, know well its characteristics, so we can add little.

Some things to emphasize? 30GB of SSD storage, a speed that will surprise you and support via chat 24h a day.

Other virtual private servers with prices ranging from $15 a month to $120 although they are designed for more computer profiles and also have quite high needs. You can take a look at their website.

If you are already looking for something more powerful, you have dedicated servers from $149/month, and although we understand that only a minority will require them.


DreamHost is one of those Hostings that I would recommend for someone looking for guarantee and price. Although there are cheaper services on the Internet, the reliability of these people since they had problems, has only grown and that is an important asset in their favor.

It is an option that you should take into account if what you are looking for is to set up your websites and forget about complications

If what you are looking for is comfort,then give DreamHost a try.



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