About Us

Welcome to Email Marketing How.com

Hi, my name is Andrew Harvey the founder of Email Marketing How.com

I have been involved in running a variety of online projects covering fitness, health, and music using email marketing for my campaigns for over 9 years now.

Are you looking for an easy way to set up your email campaigns for your business?

The main aim and purpose behind this Blog was to help the many small business owners, bloggers, new internet Marketers how to set up and grow their own email list and campaigns for their business.

The main email marketing software provider of choice I am currently using is Aweber.com an email marketing service provider for all my campaigns due to its ease of use and a solid platform.

To get started if you haven’t already signed up to an email service provider yet- I have included a video on how you can start your own email marketing campaigns in Aweber Step By Step (Aweber Email Marketing Tutorial) by Darrel Wilson. This will give you insight into how this is all done.

Darrel also provides helpful WordPress tutorials for WordPress users ranging from WordPress themes, plugins, and e-commerce WordPress tutorials.

Learn more about email marketing features I use and more when you sign up for the Free Aweber behind-the-scenes email course

I will also be reviewing some of the top email service providers so that you can make an informed decision about which one would be suitable for your style and business.

This I believe will save you many hours of trying to find the best way of setting up your very first email campaigns to help promote your business and create your first subscriber client list.

I will be updating the site with additional tips and relevant resources to help promote your business through the power of email automation on our Blog

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