Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Resources

Here we have a list of some of the most useful Email Marketing Resources to help your business grow.

Email Marketing HowAn email list is the most affordable and effective marketing tool for gaining product visibility and attracting new potential customers. When done right, list building can help you grow a strong online empire without necessarily cluttering up the inboxes of your customers. In fact, stats show that about 86% of customers prefer monthly email newsletters from their companies of choice.

However, for it to be effective you need a solid plan, testing, and automation of all your marketing campaigns. There are several resources for marketers with different needs and goals. Whether you want to increase your sales, avoid spam filters or improve your brand recognition, below are the top 50 email marketing resources to help your business grow.


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1. Lay a good foundation with a good Campaign Monitor

A Campaign Monitor can help you get a good head start before launching your campaign. You’ll need to pay close attention to the first steps on creating goals. Campaign Monitor is cloud-based and aids you in managing new subscribers, generation of reports and sending of newsletters.

2. Pre-launch Checklist (found on Email Monday)

It is common for people to do simple mistakes when launching their campaigns. A pre-launch checklist is vital if you want to avoid such costly mistakes. Most of these checklists can be found and downloaded online.

3. Email Marketing Cheat Sheet by Karolina Jasvinaite

This is a comprehensive guide that covers all the basics of correspondence marketing. It guides you and shows you how to start and what you need before starting your campaign.

4. Good Email Glossary of terms to know

There are several concepts, terms and keywords that are critical in your campaign. It is paramount to understand these words so as to avoid getting lost along the way.

5. Guide on Choosing a Reliable Email Marketing  Service Provider

A good email service provider is paramount and determines your future success. When doing your search, consider your budget, marketing goals and customer service. You may also want to ask your potential providers to carry out a campaign critique to help you pinpoint how effective your strategy will be.

6. Infographic on  Statistics about Ecommerce Email Marketing by Bernard

This helps to give you thorough information about how to send, make your audience sign up, how often and how to automate your campaigns.

7. Importance of Email Marketing By Inbound Rocket

This helps you make properly informed decision on why you need to employ this strategy to help grow your business. It is critical in case you are still undecided.

8. Lead Magnet Guide, turn Visitors into Subscribers

A Lead Magnet is a potent incentive that you can offer to potential customers in exchange for their addresses or other contact details. Most lead magnets are downloadable in form of PDF, whitepaper, video or eBook.

9. Autogrow’s 20 Lead Magnet Examples to Convert Leads

In case you’re new to lead magnets, Autogrow exhaustively sheds light on all the incentives and offers that can help you convert visitors into potential customers. With this resource, you get greater insights to understand all your available options.

10. Increase Opt-ins and Subscriber list by Unbounce

Unbounce gives you a comprehensive guide on seven ways what you need to drive visitors to sign up. It emphasizes on A/B testing to aid you to determine the right strategy that suits your campaign.

11. Infusionsoft’s Tools for Creating Lead Magnets

If you are a beginner seeking to attract new clients, consider having quality content. This resource from Infusionsoft is ideal if you have a small budget or you’re simply a solopreneur seeking professional advice.

12. Copyhackers’S Choices, Consequences and Reasons for Opt-ins and Opt-outs

If you aren’t sure about the benefits of double opt-ins, then this resource is all you need. It utilizes various data to enable you to understand the importance of Opt-Ins in any campaign.

13. Madeline Blasberg’s Two Step Opt-in Process

This is an in-depth guide that enlightens you on the significance and effectiveness of double opt-ins. It is in form of a video and entails every aspect of how leadpages operate.

14. 9 Tips to Grow Email List using Social Media

If you’re thinking about harnessing the power of social media to improve your campaign, then this guide will help you out.

15. Grow your list with King Sumo or Viralsweep Tools

These tools are paramount in creating and expanding your list beyond what you think. The tools can help you unlock various opportunities and speed up the growth of your list.

16. Groove’s Guide on acquiring 1000+ Subscribers in less than 24 Hours

These experts share their success stories on how they acquired over 1000 members in less than a day. This resource can help you as well.

17. Peep Laja’s Examples and Ideas on Growing with Lead Magnet

This tool carries a broad range of ideas, thoughts, and examples on how you can acquire best lead magnet results. It is vital if you want to broaden your base.

18. BlogTyrant’s 41 Actionable Tips on Growing your List

This brings you a vast range of ideas and tips on how to improve your campaign and popups and many more. The tips are practical and well-researched to guarantee you proven results.

19. Growing your List with Instagram by Stephanie Gilbert

This guide is very easy to read and understand. It entails all you need to utilize your Instagram account to grow and make your campaign even more effective.

20. Charlie Lawrance’s Guide on How to Use Facebook Ads to Monetize and Grow your List

This helps you acquire more sales and leads from Facebook. Through it, you’ll discover various ways and learn how to remarket to your clients.

21. Writing Perfect Subjects by Oli Gardner

The effectiveness of your message is determined by how compelling it is. The target audience should be convinced to open your letters. Oli Gardner gives you a complete guide on writing great contents.

22. Writing Engaging Promotional Content by Karolina

Writing an engaging piece requires skills and knowledge. This guide can help you improve your writing every time you sit to write to your clients. It uses various videos, scratch cards and GIFS to compel your audience to want to read your content.

23. 70+ Pre-header Examples by Rene Kulka

This comes with an all-inclusive list of samples of how pre-headers or annotations can help you grow your client base and oblige them to read your content.

24. Daniel Burstein’s Guide on Reducing Click-through rate by 26%

Call-to-Action is paramount and should come alongside pre-headers and subject lines. The tool gives you insights on how to avoid screwing up your click-through rate.

25. Image Blocking Guide by Litmus

Most clients have their boxes set to default image blocking. This often impacts negatively on the effectiveness of your communication with them. This guide helps you to optimize your clients’ image-viewing experience.

26. Compelling 557 Subject Line Hacks by Crazy Egg

This covers a huge number of tips on increasing your open rate. The tips covered here are actionable and practical.

27. Writing Irresistible Drip Campaigns by Neil Patel

This explains all you need to know about drip campaigns and how you can utilize them to fit into your strategy.

28. Joydeep Bhattacharya 14 Ways On How to Kickstart your Mobile Marketing

This guide includes persuasive tips on how to optimize your mobile users. It also educates you on how to write good copies and more.

29. Chris Heston’s Guide on How Customers Read Mails

This guest post investigates how customers open and read messages. It also teaches you on how to write converting messages regardless of the blog or business you run.

30. Re-engaging Clients with Product Launch Messages by Appcues

This guide features 20 different product launch descriptions and strategies behind powerful companies such as LinkedIn Evernote and Dropbox. It is vital in case you’re planning to re-engage your users.

31. 8 ways on Keeping your Engagement Lucrative and Alive by David Fallarme

You lose clients when they change their addresses or they find your content irrelevant. In fact, statistics show that marketers lose about 30% of their clients every single year. The guide tips you on how to keep them engaged always.

32. 9 Templates to Improve your Conversion Funnel by Eric Siu

Some of the popular proven templates recommended in this guide include Case Study, Q&A, Live Training and Quick Tip and much more. All these templates are vital and you can utilize to improve your conversion rate.

33. Segmenting your List for Improved Clickthrough and Conversions by Joe Stych

List segmentation helps you to handle your customers based on their needs and interests. You can group them based on demographics or other characteristics. The guide shows you how to do it and when.

34. Using Transactional Emails to Increase your Sales by Tomas Slimas

Studies show that the open rate for promotional letters can be low compared to transactional emails. Transaction-related ones require careful planning and implementation. This resource will guide you how to do it.

35. Sarah Peterson’s 10 Rookie Mistakes that can Increase your Unsubscribe Rate

The guide talks about ten rookie mistakes that can make your clients run away and how you can fix them. It helps you understand how you can please and nor bore your clients.

36. Creating a Good Autoresponder Series by Michael Dunlop

The tool teaches you how to create and monetize your list. Making money doesn’t always come easy as most potential marketers think but this guide makes it achievable.

37. Justine Jordan’s Webinar on Deliverability

This comes with an AI version that explains to you all about spam filtering and advice on how you can make your message get delivered right into the inbox of your audience. Deliverability is a challenging process but this guide shows you how to simplify it.

38. Making Customers Come back to buy by Corey Wainwright

It doesn’t always mean that if you have a great product customers will be coming back often. Sometimes they can forget you. This guide enables you to engage them and keep them coming again.

39. Learn top Design Trends to Watch in 2018 by Kevin George

Your platform should be updated and modern. This guide encompasses the latest trends that you need to watch out for.

40. Lindsay Kolowich’s on Metrics and KPIs to Monitor

It is paramount to track your campaign metrics. The tool shows you the six metrics and KPIs to monitor and convert your leads into customers. It also provides you with downloadable tracking templates.

41. E-commerce GDPR by Omnisend

You need to understand all the rules and guidelines concerning how you can handle personal data of your clients. This guide teaches you on various e-commerce checklist for GDPR.

42. Mastering International Opt-Ins by Bettina Specht

As a marketer, you should build and grow your client base properly. There are various anti-spam rules that regulate you on how you collect addresses of your subscribers. This guide will educate you on the same.

43. Noah Kagan’s Best Marketing Practices from Powerful $42 Million Company

This is a comprehensive guide that is filled with actionable tips on the best correspondence marketing practices. It also includes podcast recordings and YouTube videos.

44. Best Image Formats by Lauren Smith

Whether you’re contemplating on using JPEG, PNG, GIF or any other image format, this guide will help you determine the right format to use based on your needs.

45. Tips on Identifying Spoofing or Phishing by Estelle Derouet

Instances of phishing attacks are very common. Several companies provide defense tools so that phishing attacks don’t reach clients’ mailboxes. This guide clarifies you on how to identify such cases.

46. Improving your Campaign with AI by Nandini Rathi

This showcases four ways you can utilize AI to improve your campaign. It details on the right time to heighten your open rates, boost your conversion and segment your campaign.

47. Emerging Trends in 2018 by Carolanne Mangles

The guide lays down the latest trends and how important they are to your campaign. It also gives you downloadable resources for free in visual formats.

48. Subject Lines to Avoid by Litmus

It shows what to include and how to create the subject lines of your messages. Certain subjects can piss off clients and distract them.

49. Delivra’s Marketing Benchmark

Benchmarks are great as they help you see how your campaign is working. The guide comes with other additional bonuses to help you reach more customers. It also aids you understand reasons behind your skyrocketing unsubscribe rate.

50. Industry Innovations and Trends and Reports by Bettina Specht

The industry keeps changing often and is paramount for you to keep in pace with current trends and innovations. This guide lets you stay on the forefront of new laws, changing customer needs and other evolutions.

Bottom Line

There are many resources that can help you improve your business and grow your client base. Whether you want to engage your existing clients, look for new ones, make a sale or keep in pace with the latest innovations, the above resources are critical in your email marketing campaign.

We discuss the listing of over 90 email advertising tools we’ve found online today.

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